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We build powerful web and mobile solutions to improve business intelligence
and drive value to your customers.

Process Automation and No-Ops is used by hundreds of businesses and developers to automate server deployment and insights for their online applications.

Hyper-Scalable Applications

Clients use our apps to serve thousands of customers across eCommerce, Healthcare, Data Gathering, Blockchain and the Hybrid-Web.


Quartech is a technology-driven content platform which combines adaptive and gamified learning for K-4. Learn how schools use our platform to teach math and science.

Our Clients

Pexitics Quartech Fancium Wallstreet Bar and Kitchen Intedent Healthcare Startereum Indian Physical Laboratories

Our Technology Stack

We work with businesses looking to leverage cutting-edge technology to solve their customers' problems.

Serverless Ready

Serverless kuberentes fission function declarations delivered in an opinionated way to automanaged federation clusters

Web 3.0 Ready

dApps built on the ERC20 network or any public/private distributed ledger based web 3.0 ready application

Enterprise Ready Hybrid Applications

A jam stack built with native client side packages written in React Native for Android and iOS and Electron for Windows, Mac and Linux, with unlimited server side scaling with serverless functions.

Software Automation

Centralized command and control interface for your Application stack monitoring along with deep insights into your customers available on an Analytics Dashbaord.

Hardware Automation

Physical automation for parcel sorting with multiple roomba sized autonomous robots controlled using a genetically evolving neural network.


Supercharge your sales with a mixed reality demo of your application. Rendered with Blender, an open source photorealistic CGI generation tool.


Automate user interaction with multithreaded proxy rotated PhantomJS/Automator/UiPath bots aimed at LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

WebAssembly Ready

Get native functionality of the platform of your choice along with the dynamicity of being on the web with WebAssembly in your build pipeline

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