Designed by humans.
Powered by automation.

We build scalable self-replicating distributed systems to
move humanity onwards to Type II on the Kardashev scale

Cross-Platform Rapid Prototyping

Our proprietary technology stack allows us to iterate rapidly and target new and upcoming platforms.

Data Driven Software Development

We build software with strong instrumentation, sane defaults for course correction and data driven evolvement of business needs.

Intergalactic Scale

We dare to build at a scale that doesn't look promising at first, but turns out to be the natural next step in human evolution.

Products Edith Tripsitter

Our Technology Stack

We build hardware/software with a strong focus on scalability, self-healing, and self-replication to move humanity forward

Cloud Native

Deep-tech stack leverages the power of the distributed cloud - aiming to deliver Type I on the Kardashev scale

Web 3.0

Solidity dApps built on the ERC20/ERC21 network that can be deployed to a chain of your choice

Software Automation

Edith - a decentralized multi-tenant command and control interface for our software fleet

Hardware Automation

Parcel sorting with multiple roomba sized autonomous robots controlled using a genetically evolving neural network.

Coming soon - $DYSON token

Machine Learning

Tripsitter - a centralized training and backtesting framework to help build a market agnostic trading bot


Rust/Elm tooling to build fast, secure, and scalable web applications.

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