Gamification - Creating Addictive User Experiences

Quartainment is the brainchild of Quartech Pvt Ltd, a leading player in the Indian EdTech industry.

Quartainment is an innovative software application for children in grades 1-4 customized to adapt to the learning habits of the current generation. It features an interactive learning experience with 50 content rich educative games and animated videos supporting all topics in the school curriculum. BroCorp worked closely with Dark Illusion Studios on Asset Generation for the games.

The application was created with cutting edge web technologies like Phaser.js, a client side WebGL that allows you to make content rich 2D games, and a React Native based progressive web app with clients for Android and iOS to consume the content. The application is hosted on Android Play Store and iOS App Store, as soon as the user has the application downloaded, they sign up on the Quartech landing page and are referred to the payment page, once completed, they're given a serial key to access the content for the appropriate curriculum they've opted into. The assets and the videos are hosted on an auto-scaling S3 bucket, and the games themselves are hosted on a auto-scaling Kubernetes cluster on AWS, this allows Quartainment to have fault tolerance as well be available at scale. The application tracks user progress through the course of his curriculum and graphs the strength and weakness of topic the user seems to be facing, with incentive to report the child's weekly progress or lack thereof to the guardian of the user.

Quartainment had a grand launch at Lalit Ashok, Bangalore on 24th June and has been in production since.