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Startereum is a global innovation community powered by a new crypto-token called Startereum ($XTM) and was the second organic client of BroCorp. It's aim is to launch in emerging markets and decentralize the process of startup curation, co-creation and seed funding.

The startereum platform solves the problem of the discovery and curation of high value investment opportunities at scale, in multiple world regions, without the costs and limitations of a centralized organization.

It does so by engaging the community with a guided, layered, gamified, decentralizing consensus algorithm that allows for both divergent and convergent elements of decision making, through the course of increased consumer awareness.

Startereum community members mine tokens by working together, contributing value to other members and to the success of new projects, which are presented for seed investment. New tokens are issued in return for the work that drives investment discovery and curation, and for projects meeting incremental progress milestones. It's through the help of the same community that new token projects are discovered, mentored, advised, supported and eventually peer reviewed.

Startereum plans to offer systematic investment plans as a service to help investors enjoy early access to projects that have improved and matured through community selection and support process.

The startereum gamification rounds are as follows:
1) Getting in: The community proposes and a semi-centralized committee disposes, this decides the weight and value a startup can drive to the Startereum token.

2) Getting on: Continuous progress is monitored through the use of Ask-Me-Anything sessions hosted by the community leader. Community members may ask questions about the progress of the team or the technical elements of its whitepaper.

3) Getting out: The community votes to allow the team to go on to seek follow-on funding from the platform's member investors.

4) Forging ahead: Member investors of the community evaluate the investment cases put forward and decide independently whether to support the project with further funding.

For this particular venture, BroCorp had to interact with a myriad of developers/designers and project managers following which a spec outline for the design of the gamification layer was established, as soon as this was done, we set out to build the game. Working on this project was a really informative and valuable experience having to know how to work with multiple people across communities and skill levels.

The Startereum community launched a one day developer meet up at Numa, Bengaluru to thank and engage with the swarm development teams that helped build the platform. It is here where we interacted with the top brass of Bangalore's decentralised currency trading community. Most of them had multiple holdings of multiple currencies throughout different countries. A lot of the discussion was loosely centered around the legality of being a crypto-enabled citizen.